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The Rally 2-Kit answers an existing demand of teams and drivers wishing to run at an identified level between the Rally 2 and Rally 4 classes.

As a 4 wheel drive car that is close to the Rally 2 in terms of performance, and close to the Rally 4 in terms of maintenance cost, it is the perfect step for any driver wanting to get into 4WD cars.

The possibility to adapt the Oreca Kit to a list of standard road cars also offers the possibility to have a unique Rally car in the world, take as an example our Dacia Sandero R4 or Audi A1 R4.

From 2017 ASM Motorsport started to work on the design and construction of these vehicles and is nowadays one of the most specialized companies from all around the world to carry out these projects. 

Visit our fully dedicated website to find out more about these cars.

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