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ASM Motorsport has evolved from its original modest 300 square meter workshop, where it all started in 2006, to its current and more modern facility at only 20 minutes from Barcelona´s heart.

ASM Motorsport currently occupies a fully dedicated two-story building, where we can carry out all the different aspects of the design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of the competition cars.

With separate dedicated areas, and a vast range of equipment, we can do in-house all what is needed for our different projects:

  • Management and design Offices

  • Meeting room.

  • Storage area.

  • Assembly workshop.

  • Electrical area.

  • Metal work area.

  • Maintenance and restoration workshop.


Thanks to our geographical location, 20 minutes from the heart of Barcelona, with its international port and airport, we make the best out of it to optimize all our logistics operations around the world to attend the different motorsport events in which we take part.

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